Cooinda Kakadu Wildlife Park, Northern Australia

Cooinda: Kakadu Wildlife Park

One of the most fascinating area of Northern Australia is Cooinda in the Kakadu World Wildlife Park. Located in the Back o’ Beyond and featured in the popular movie “Crocodile Dundee 2, being so, it is within a day’s drive of Darwin.

This northern portion of the Australian Outback is appropriately named “Back of Beyond” due to the fact the original settlers were mainly venturing from Sydney, so this area was beyond the known outback and was actually in back of or beyond the outback.

There isn’t anything quite like camping under the Southern Cross in this remote area of the world. With the low humidity, the effects of moisture in the atmosphere is irrelevant, a God Zilllion stars can be seen. Camping near the river, the only concern would be to not park one’s swag, or sleeping bag, bongda365 close to the water’s edge as an good fast croc can out run a human for about 50 feet. Sleeping puts one at an even greater disadvantage Don’t want to become a crocodile’s version of a ham and egg McMuffin.

Waking to the sight of a Wallaby gently strolling through our campsite, it was time for an early morning pontoon boat ride across the Billy Bong. A Billy Bong is a hidden body of water left by the monsoonal rains that fall in this area. As the droughts set in, the Billy bong slowly dries up until nothing is left but a small pool of water, causing the many varieties of birds and animals to congregate in a tiny area, ready to have at whatever amount of liquid refreshment is still available.

Many hungry crocodiles inhabit this area, and are a lot more aggressive than an alligator. This was evident as we boarded the boat to begin our journey, several posted signs warned us if we had any body parts we would like to keep, we probably shouldn’t dangle them over the side of the boat.

Peering across the water, which was being lit by the rising sun, several pairs of beady eyes could be seen just above water lever. No other reminder was needed. Hope the boat doesn’t sink, would have to learn to walk on water real fast!

The Aborigines have no fear of the crocodiles, many of them can be seen swimming amongst them. They believe if one has done no wrong the crocs will not bother you. Occasionally one of the Native Australians will disappear and will never be seen again. The rest of the tribe just assumes retribution are being repaid for a past transgression. I think I’ll stay out of the water, I’m not ready for judgment day.

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