Black and White Photography


You would rarely find a person who does not like photographs. Photographs of people, nature and wild life attract almost everybody. With the advent of digital cameras it is now easy to catch moments in frames forever.

During the early stages, black and white photography was the only way to capture photographs. Black Travel Experimentation with color photography started around 1861. Modern color photography evolved gradually.

However, there is no reason to think that color photography has replaced black and white photography completely. Black and white photos are still very much there and there is no clue for them to vanish in near future.

Black and white photographs bear an artistic and creative look that attracts people. Color photographs are often mirror copies of what we see around. However, when it comes to present an idea, a mood or a philosophical thought, photographers prefer going black and white.

Photography – a rewarding hobby

Ask people about their hobbies; many of them would answer that they like photography over anything else. It is an interesting, challenging and rewarding hobby! You would hardly find an individual who would not carry a camera during festivals, family functions, social or corporate events or while traveling.

And the reason is simple. Photographs let you cherish old memories. When you leaf through the pages of family album, you go back to the time when the snaps were taken. Small memories associated with the pictures come in mind. The person must be stone-hearted who does not get emotional to see old family photographs.

black and white photos are the true elements to make one nostalgic. The effect of light and shadow becomes prominent in bicolor photography. A lot of people feel that close-up portraits look great in black and white. Facial expressions are caught perfect in black & white photographs. It is often said that tears are better expressed in black and white!

Black and white travel photography is equally popular among travelers and nature lovers. Wild life photography and travel photography are appreciated and accepted whole wide world. Photojournalists and travel photographers carry their cameras always as the picture perfect moment might appear before them any time.

Animals, flowers, trees, rivers, night sky, nature, heels, people, regional festivals, tribal life and sun rise and sun set are the most common subject of travel photography. Black and white travel photographs and wild life photographs are often placed in auction and sold at high price.

Black and white photography is one of the popular forms of art and will continue to be so for years to come.

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