African-American Consumerism and Social Media Marketing

Do you have a product or concept that you need to market to African-American consumers? Do you have the tools and information necessary to effectively reach your target market? Do the big companies know more about advertising than you do? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should be looking into Social Media Marketing. Large corporations have figured out that the future of successful product advertising is in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and they are aggressively using this form of advertising to hit their target Black Media market, and you can, too!

What do they know that you don’t know?

They know the statistics: There are currently over 1.73 billion people on-line. There are millions more due to come on-line in the next few years. African-American consumers have become a driving force in America. Large corporations spend a lot of money to figure out where their advertising dollars go and they have figured out that the African-American consumer is where they get a very large “bang” for their buck. The advertising company who creates a successful ad campaign for Black consumers wins big!

Who’s on Facebook?

Verizon has figured out that African-Americans spend an estimated 1300 minutes per month talking and texting and are advertising with this in mind. Currently, 20% of Verizon’s workforce is African-American and they estimate that 24% of newly hired employees at Verizon will be African-Americans. They have invested themselves in the Black community by giving away $28 million in grants. Social media advertising has been very lucrative for Verizon.

Proctor and Gamble realized that Black women spend three times more money on health and beauty products than other female consumers. They started the “My Black is Beautiful” website on Facebook, and it is now 55,000 members strong.

“Girls’ Night Out”, developed by Home Depot, encouraged black women homeowners to come in for some free hands-on do-it-yourself home repair and project tips. In conjunction with their DIY classes, Home Depot also sponsored a $15,000.00 grant for Black Colleges and Universities to use for campus improvements and repairs. The “Girls’ Night Out” was a huge success and a great example of a large corporation giving back to the community.

In acquiring Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo capitalized and built on the positive relationship already established by Wachovia in Black communities throughout the southeast. Wells Fargo has partnered with the National Black MBA Association for the past four years honoring African-American Entrepreneurs.

Although this is clearly a very small sampling of how the larger and widely successful companies are utilizing Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, it is also a good indication that Social Media advertising works. The big companies realize this and are aggressively marketing to their African-American consumers.

If it works for them…

If Verizon, Home Depot, Wells Fargo and Proctor and Gamble have found success on MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, shouldn’t you and your product be advertising there, too?

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Targeted advertising works!



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