Customize Your Google News to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Here is a simple and quick way to dominate your local market using the social media website, Twitter. Here are three easy steps to geo-market your potential customers.

1) Identify your target:
2) Execute the Plan

Identify your target: You need to focus on local media outlets, restaurants, and venues. Twitter is a great way to interact with real people in real time. You can easily search your location, and now you can geo-target your audience. Your Local News If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can quickly sign up and start using the free marketing site! Next look up to the “find people” button and type in your city, like San Diego, and you need to look at the venues, media outlets, and restaurants. And from these Twitter accounts you find through search you will find your local targets.

Execute the Plan: Increase your following, engage your peers, and distribute quality content.

1) Increase your following:

From the Twitter accounts of the different local media outlets, restaurants and venues you searched, you want to ‘steal’ the followers. For example, we searched San Diego for the location and now we chose Fox5 News as the focus and where we want to find local followers we want to engage in our business. First you go to their followers, and we start to add all the people of Fox 5 News’ followers. And why do you do this? Because it is an easy way to get people to follow you back, statically 25% to 50% people will follow you back. The best time of day to follow people are later in the evening and during the weekend.

2) Engage your Peers

When people start following your Twitter page, people will see all your updates. You need to interact with the people who follow your Twitter page, do this by responding to their ‘Tweets.’ Engage with all the people that are following you and from that you can start creating a viral effect and you will start receiving more and more recognition.

3) Distribute Quality Content

This last part is more along the lines of actually distributing quality content that is going to drive revenue to your business. For example if we make a new blog post, we can use our Twitter account to advertise it, saying “Hey, we just made a new blog post on ______” then put the URL in the tweet. Be careful on your tweets, do not start spamming, but provide value on your Twitter page.

Now, how simple was that? Now you can easily pinpoint your market on Twitter!

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