The Four Best Areas For Shopping in Berlin

It’s implied that most understudy voyagers on a German course in Berlin will be centered, above all else, on improving their language aptitudes. Yet, it’s similarly significant that your time in Berlin shouldn’t be all examination, study, study, and an extraordinary method of slowing down in the wake of a difficult day in the homeroom is with a touch of retail treatment.

Over the most recent couple of years, Berlin has become a famous hub for fashionistas, big names and cool-trackers looking for the most recent patterns in music, culture and, particularly, attire. In fact, relatively few urban areas on the planet can contrast and its in vogue certifications or match the different scope of Berlin shopping choices.

In this way, truly, there’s nothing for it except for to put the books down every once in a while, get whatever cash you have set aside, and hit the shops.


Directly at the core of the city, this isn’t maybe the conspicuous decision for an understudy taking a German course in Berlin. The activity is based on not one but rather three super chic boutique shopping centers – Quartier 205, 206 and 207 – in Berlin’s upmarket Mitte area.

However, regardless of whether the costs are sufficient to make your eyes water, there’s some top window-shopping to be had, and an evening spent in Mitte is to see Berlin at its thin, rich best.

Potsdamer Platz

A short distance from the stylish boutiques of Mitte, the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden is somewhat more open to the normal handbag. Spread out more than five stories of stores, it’s not the most close of Berlin shopping encounters, but rather for accommodation it can’t be beaten, giving as it does all that you might actually need under one rooftop.

Boghagener Platz

Furthermore, Potsdamer Platz – every smooth store and effectiveness – could scarcely be more extraordinary to the scene you experience over in Boghagener Platz on a Sunday morning. Berlin swap meets are consistently fantastic, and the one to be found in Boghagener Platz is truly outstanding.

Maybe less smooth and expert over the other Berlin swap meets you find at Arkonaplatz and Strasse de 17 juni, Boghagener Platz has a pleasingly fair ‘vehicle boot deal’ feel. By and by, it’s prestigious for the scope of products on offer, and it’s perhaps the most satisfying long stretches of shopping in Berlin.


Over in the hip, elective and engagingly gritty East of the city, Bergmannstrasse is the foundation of Kreuzberg. Here, used stores with hours of good, modest scrounging, garbage shops flooding with dusty knickknacks and a sprinkling of incredible record shops are the thing to get done.

They sit close by a cool bistro and bar scene for when you need to rest, and complete a few people-viewing in what’s as yet an excitingly blended area. What’s more, for the youthful – or the youthful on a basic level – and anybody on a German course in Berlin, especially, this is the place where the city truly makes its mark.

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