Little Tikes Outdoor Plastic Toys

Little Tikes is a Hudson, Ohio based company which has been manufacturing children’s toys since 1970, and has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary of supplying quality toys that children absolutely adore. Little Tikes toys Opblaasfiguurshop are known for their quality and durability, and the company specializes in manufacturing outdoor toys that will stand up to rugged use by children who aren’t always as gentle as they should be with their possessions.

The company has an extensive line of outdoor play sets that parents can set up in their yard to create a virtual home playground. There are playhouses, climbers and slides, swing sets, picnic style tables, wagons, miniature sand boxes, water sprinklers and toys, pretend lawn mowers, pretend barbecues, and even a pirate ship. Outdoor play sets also come in inflatable varieties such as bounce houses that allow children to play and bounce around on giant air filled plastic pillows. Big waffle blocks are also available, which are giant plastic squares that can be fitted together to allow parents to create a unique play experience for their children, building customized and colorful forts.

Outdoor sports are also encouraged with products like basketball hoops and golf sets. Other toys also help encourage children to play Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Teeter Ball, Bowling, T ball, Croquet, and Badminton. There are also many different kinds of riding toys, such as different designs of tricycles, plastic pretend cars, rocking toys, and even a horse. There is also a large selection of toy trucks, cars, diggers, excavators and haulers available for children to play with. There’s even a helicopter, a train and a boat.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Little Tikes also makes indoor furniture such as table and chairs sets for children, large toy chests, toddler beds in fun designs like Thomas The Tank Engine and Disney Princess themed, as well as colorful plastic chairs and rocking chairs. There are pretend play small items such as plastic food for young children pretending to cook, as well as pretend kitchens and appliances. There are doll houses and doll buggies, doll strollers, a pretend gas pump, musical instruments, animal shaped flashlights, train sets, and even more.

With such a tremendous variety of durable and fun toys available for very young kids to play with, is it any wonder that Little Tikes has been making toys in this industry for 40 plus years now? The concentration on durable toys made with quality care can only be described as inspirational. These toys will outlast a child’s childhood and lead to lasting memories of days spent playing pretend in large plastic houses, cottages, and castles, and sliding down brightly colored plastic slides onto the grass. And let’s not forget the memories of pretending to drive around in amazing little child sized cars powered Flintstones style by the child’s feet. These are great toys that help to encourage children to be active and creative, and create a fun sense of play that will stimulate any child’s imagination. The company’s motto is to encourage children to “Get Up and Grow!”, and it shows in everything that they make.



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