What Do They Mean When They Say “Landing Page?”

Many people have heard the terms “Landing Page” or “Squeeze Page” when associated with a company’s website. But what do they mean when they say “landing page”? It’s quite simple actually, a “Landing Page” is just an individual page on the web that’s entire purpose is to provide information on a specific product, service, or event and give the visitor a link to purchase the product or sign up for the event.

A “Squeeze Page” is also a separate web page, but its purpose in life is to gather information about the visitor so that the marketing people can follow-up with a call thiết kế landing page sáng tạo to the visitor. Both “Landing Pages” and “Squeeze Pages” have proven to be successful marketing tools, and a “Landing Page” oftentimes provides a link to the “Squeeze Page” for the marketers to utilize as lead generators.

There are several misconceptions about “Landing Pages” that webmasters need to understand:

• The company website is not the same thing as the “Landing Page” because the website promotes the entire company, history, and all products, where the “Landing Page” focuses on one product or event.

• “Landing Pages” should be complex and have lots of “bells and whistles” to garner interest and everything visitors would want to know about the product.

• “Landing Pages” should always have links to the company website to sign up to buy the product, get more information, or register for the event.

In order to clear up a few of these misconceptions, here are some guidelines for creating effective “Landing Pages” that help generate new business:

• Create a specific “Landing Page” that focuses on the individual product that the company is targeting as a new introductory product or service, with only relevant information to interest the visitor.

• These pages should be clean, designed well, be informative – yet concise. The graphics should be positioned correctly and the font should be easy to read.

• Don’t overshadow the point of the “Landing Page” with large overpowering graphics, headings, or pictures.

• A “Call to Action” is always a great idea when there is a limited time for the new product’s special pricing or to register for the event, and these should be clearly identified on the page.

• Many “Landing Pages” simply generate leads and have no links to anything other than possibly the “Squeeze Page” to gather information for a return call.

Web designers can have a great deal of success in driving business to the company with a well designed “Landing Page”, so that when asked the question, “what do they mean when they say “landing page”, they can point to the page they have designed as an example of successfully generating new leads.

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Valentin Dem is a passionate internet marketer who has created hundreds of articles in print, 12 published e-books online and 3 revolutionary lead generation software applications.


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