Counting the Quran

There has been a ton of viciousness executed by Islamic disciples. Along these lines, I decided to peruse the Quran to check whether the Islamic blessed book remembered any content for help of this savagery. There are four essential things I saw as I read through the Quran. These are:

I could discover almost no genuine importance in the works of the Quran.

Practically 50% of it is retellings of Old Testament stories credited to “Allah.”

It is profoundly tedious.

There are extremely, not many notices of adoration and harmony.

After my first perusing, I chose to make a plunge a subsequent time and check a portion of the expressions I saw drearily. There was one expression I didn’t check during the second perusing that all things considered I wish I had, yet I’m not very enthusiastic about perusing the Quran a third time just to get this tally. The expressions I left out were various forms of “dreading Allah.” It’s referenced various occasions, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea the number of.


The checks that follow are in all likelihood estimated, as opposed to correct. I may have missed a couple anywhere, and on occasion I consolidated consecutive sentences into one check with the “discipline” tally since it came up so frequently. Here are the expressions and checks:

Things “Allah” loves 21

Any notice of harmony: 26

Discipline from “Allah”: 538

“Allah” is gainful/pardoning/forgiving: 346

Adherents will be remunerated: 192

(a big part of those prizes include “Nurseries”)

Things “Allah” wrecked: 67

“Allah” authorized battling/murdering of unbelievers: 34

Notices of requital or counter: 18

Things “Allah” abhors: 12

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