Top Warhammer Online Greenskins Guide

The Warhammer Greenskins Army is one of the three groups under the Armies of War or Destruction. They are comprised of two races, the orcs and the goblins–both of which are eternal enemies of the Dwarfs Army. These creatures are called Greenskins simply because of the color of their skin. Unlike the other armies, the Greenskins take settlements of their enemies and make them their own. They are highly destructive. electronicseeker In the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the Greenskins now work with Grumlok, the Black Orc Warlord. On the side of the Goblin, there is the Shaman Gazbag. They have formed a tribe named “Bloody Sun Boyz” and together they fight against the Dwarfs Army. The Orcs are a larger army compared to the Goblins. They are said to be related to Hobgoblins and the Snotlings. The skins of Orcs darken as they grow old. Although not entirely brainless, Orcs are driven by a natural instict to oppress races which they deem are inferior to them. Among the known weapons of orcs are the smashas and the choppas. Although a part of the Greenskins, the Goblins are said to be dominated over by the Goblins since they are larger in size. But what Goblins lack in size, they compensate for in their clever ability to manipulate the Orcs. And having a good warhammer online greenskins characters, strategy, and leveling guide will help with your game.

There are four career options for the Greenskins. These are:

1. The Black Orc
2. The Orc Choppa
3. The Goblin Shaman
4. The Goblin Squig Herder

The first Career Option of the Warhammer Greenskins Army, the Black Orc, is pure brawn and heavy fighting. Black Orcs don’t pay attention to glorious fights. What they want is to destroy and win, with no heed nor attention for fairness and equal fights. Black Orcs wear heavily-spiked armors and they lug around heavy shields which are also full of spikes. The Orc Choppa, on the other hand, is a fighter on full throttle. The more he fights, the more powerful he feels. Orc Choppas are always on a fighting frenzy. They are flexible and possess more mobility compared to other Orcs because they are clothed with light armor. They have deadly combos of weapons called choppas. The third career option for the Warhammer Greenskins Army is the Goblin Shaman. They have an innate thirst for blood and they live and breathe wars. The Goblin Shaman wear tattered robes but they carry around shaman staffs which are elaborately designed with nasty critters and spiky stuff. The fourth and final career option is the Goblin Squig Herder. These Squig Herders work best as a group, because if they fought on their own they are easily vanquisehd by the Hammerers or even the Ironbreakeres. Squig Herders are also known for being supported by fire. They wear light leather armor and Squig-skin harnesses. They also carry tools made out of various amterials. For combat, they carry with them spears and bows. And look for good warhammer online greenskins characters, strategy, and leveling guides to help you with your game.

The Warhammer Greenskins Army fights a battle against the Dwarfs Army, and this war is said to be schemed by the Witch King himself, Malekith. Malekith’s objective was to use the Greenskins to hold off the Dwarfs so that the latter cannot help the Empire Army.

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