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The water channel is intended for use in crisis and debacle circumstances. As a knapsack it can, if essential, be brought by strolling to the areas. It previously came in March 2010 to use in Chile. Since September 2010, the spread expanded altogether so that in April 2012, around 700 duplicates in more than 30 nations around the world.  su arıtma cihazı markaları

As the life expectancy of the film is around ten years, help offices can leave the gadget after a debacle on location. Normal overhauling or cleaning of the channel at regular intervals is suggested, and relying upon the level of defilement of the crude water essential. To clean it the rucksack is to be filled once totally and afterward exhausted through the base source to flush the dregs out.

PAUL is close to the German Foreign Office[2] utilized by numerous associations in philanthropic alleviation.


The gadget was created in the Department of Urban Water Management in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kassel under the “German Federal Environmental Foundation” subsidized undertakings. The flow streamlining task will run until mid-2013 of every an examination project.


The task “PAUL – Potable water at catastrophes” in 2011 at the German rivalry “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” as the public champ in the Category Society Competition.[3]

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HDL – Hundertmal Hilfe für sauberes Wasser auf Haiti – Hundert PAULs erfolgreich im Einsatz (German)

Worldwide Care – PAUL-Wasserrucksack auf dem Weg nach Haiti: Global-Care startet Hilfsaktion (German)

Humankind Care Foundation, Robert Hoßfeld: PAUL der Lebensretter, Januar 2011, in: Humanity Care Stiftung/Rotary-Magazin 01/2011 (German)

Experience report : Nighat Aziz: PAUL – Systeme, 2011, in: Humanity Care Stiftung (German)

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Wikimedia Commons has media identified with WaterBackpack PAUL.

Landing page of PAUL (German)

Portrayal of the turn of events (German) (PDF; 28,0 MB)


The Sphere Project: The Sphere Handbook, 2011

Tidal wave in Southeast Asia (German)

“Rivalry “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” Federal and seriously respected crowd Winner 2011 (German)”. Filed from the first on 2012-09-04. Recovered 2013-09-03.

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