Hans Coler Stromerzeuger – Generated 70 Kilowatts For Free In 1933

The Hans Coler Stromerzeuger was the second of this German inventor’s magnetic motor devices that was capable of generating electricity on its own. So much so, that the German navy and even British intelligence were known to be highly interested in it. Keep reading to find out more about it and how it worked and how you could have your own Stromerzeuger at home generating power for you and your family’s needs – for free.

The Stromerzeuger

Meaning literally “power generator”, the Stromerzeuger had its own unique features (like all magnetic generators) and consisted of two electrical circuits. It used magnets and coils and the power was used to light up a bank of lights.

This device was a great source of interest to the military. It was verified by two professors but the official story is that it was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1945.

How does it work? Most people today think that Coler did not really understand how it worked. Explanations can be found in “zero point”, a fringe area of physics. However, Coler’s explanation relied on an electron not being just a particle but also a magnetic south pole. Even combining conventional physics with what we know about zero point, this concept cannot be proven or even understood easily.

Zero Point

The real explanation for this motor, Coler’s other motors, and all other types of magnetic motor is that they operate in an area of physics previously mentioned, “zero point”. Though much study and research was done in this area approximately 100 years ago, nearly all of it was suppressed by commercial interests until recently.

These days, with the advantage of the internet, it is too difficult to achieve a blanket ban on information. People can talk freely about zero point and nobody can do anything about it except that point out that conventional physics has no explanation for how it works. All the while, governments around the world are locked in a race to perfect it as quickly as possible because zero point could revolutionise propulsion and give a country a huge military advantage.


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