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to stay home and follow safety measures like wearing a mask whenever you go out, washing betrouwbare corona testen your hands frequently with soap or use sanitizers. You should go out when its really very important.

Stay Home Stay Safe.
I just wanted to share with you another one of Southern California’s catfish fishing (Hot Spots). Today is Jan. 06, 2008, now is the time to catch the big one. I fish at Corona Lake as often as I can because the fishing here is excellent. I always catch the limit which is (Five). This is one of the lakes that are stocked two to three times a week with very large trout, channel catfish, wiper, (Hybrid Striped Bass) sturgeon, large mouth bass, crappie and bluegill. Corona Lake also held the State Record for the largest Catfish at over 61 pounds. It also held the State Record for the largest Channel Catfish at over 52 Pounds. There is no fishing license required

Using the right bait is probably the most confusing part of fishing, and there are nearly as many concoctions as there are anglers. Bait selection ranges from night-crawlers, garlic corn, chicken liver, crickets or fish eggs, crawdads, grasshoppers, frogs, live and dead minnows, cut bait, and a multitude of prepared baits and stink bait. The prepared baits most often have one thing in common that’s cheese. All of these bait preparations and many others are excellent and all will catch catfish. Selection of bait from this lengthy list may seem difficult but from my experience selecting bait can be made into a rather simple process.

The most important points to consider when selecting bait is to determine the size of the catfish you want to catch and the water temperature of the lake. The rule of thumb is to use cut-bait for the best luck in late winter and spring.

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