How To Stay Focused As You Work From Home!

What about that clock, you know, the one in the middle of the floor close to the ceiling with the big black numbers staring you in the face, telling you how long you had already been there and how much longer you had to go? What about those rules and regulations you had to deal with, that made your stomach ache? You can’t do this, and you can’t do that, not to mention special parking for so called special personnel? Well guess what? You now become all of those things when you decide to become self employed. I know working for yourself comes with a great deal of freedom you can’t fully explain. why, because you get to 期間工 pick your own hours, you get to be your own boss, a tough one or someone that’s laid back, it’s solely up to you. You get to take on all the responsibilities of being in control of how you bring home the bacon. What I will tell you is this, you MUST enforce, stick to, and abide by the schedule that you set for yourself. You MUST hold yourself and others around you accountable to your schedule and your work performance. I kid you not, for some reason when family and/or friends hear that you are working from the house they tend to believe that you’re doing absolutely nothing; or they think all you do is talk on the phone all day or watch television. In their minds you are “unemployed” so this is why you MUST hold yourself and others accountable.

Lets say you have a great deal of secretarial skills and you decide to become a virtual assistant, well then you must understand that your employer will expect certain things from you, like finishing the task given to you on time, being on important office meeting calls, and checking in with the virtual manager who is assigned to you for your weekly assignments. So what am I saying is “you must have the mind set, discipline and skills needed” to be your own boss. Some people think that even with the skills and discipline they can succeed as a home base business owner, however there is what’s known as the waiting period. The waiting period happens when you’ve done all the leg work getting your business up and running, collecting expenses along the way and still making no money. This is when you know that you absolutely have what it takes to be a business owner because it may take days, weeks, months, even years to rep some reward from all your efforts. So again do you have what it takes to stay focused while working your business from the house?

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