How to Re Claim Your Unfair Bank and Credit Card Charges

Have you been charged by your Bank for going overdrawn, exceeding your overdraft limit, having a cheque or direct debit returned in the last six years?

Has Your Credit Card Company charged you excessively for exceeding your credit limit?

It’s a horrible feeling at the best of times to be penalized for going over drawn or charged for being sent a computer generated letter.

How is it that any Bank can justify charging £35 or even more for going overdrawn or stopping a payment, especially when they have spent millions on the latest technology that is pre-programmed to stop unauthorized payments at the flick of a button?

Sounds Unfair doesn’t it?

More than that it’s scandalous …Well the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) thinks so also, they are not convinced that sending out a letter and charging £35 is a reasonable; they want PROOF from the banks of the true cost to them of why it’s justifiable to charge such an extortionate amount.

PROOF that so far has not been forthcoming, why?

Well we’ll have to ask the Banks and Credit Cards Companies that question, but we can hazard a good guess, there’s no way it really costs a bank that much to charge for stopping a payment or sending a letter out.

That’s why the OFT wants jurisdiction and transparency over the unscrupulous bank charges debacle …

In fact the OFT took the banks to court and WON; sending tsunami shock waves through the already deeply troubled banking world.


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