So You Want to Do Online MLM Marketing

I get a lot of phone calls and emails from people who want to market their MLM businesses online. Some of these people have been using a variety of offline marketing techniques, and are ready to dive into the brave new world of online marketing. Others are just getting started in MLM and are exclusively interested in online marketing. Their first question?

“How do I do online MLM marketing?”

How to Market Your MLM Business Online

Answering this question can be as complicated as telling someone how to build a rocket ship, or as simple as teaching someone to bake a cake from a box. For the complicated answer, you’ll have to do a lot of research, read blog posts and articles from online marketing experts (usually outside of the MLM industry), and bang your head against a brick wall for a bit.

Here’s the simple answer to the question …

… you do it mostly with words, and sometimes with pictures.

As odd as that may seem, if you think about it the answer makes sense. What is the online world, the web, mostly composed of? A lot of words and some pictures, which can be either static or moving (as on YouTube).

Words are how you attract people to your business, cultivate relationships with them, educate them, and bring them into your business. Your words are your online voice, and they convey who you are, what you do, and why people should join you as business partners.

But you can’t use just any old words. You need special words!


What Kind of Words Do You Need for Online MLM Marketing?

When I say special words, I don’t mean you have to buy some kind of MLM dictionary and speak in code. The kind of words you need for online MLM promotion are words that fit these three criteria:

– Value
– Verve
– Volume


Obviously, if you want someone to read the words that you write about your MLM then these words have to convey some kind of value to your reader. In other words, don’t write schlock. Write MLM blog posts, articles, forum posts, and comments on other blogs that are informative. Tell your readers something they didn’t already know. Give your readers a new perspective on life and business. Show your readers ways they can enhance their MLM experience. Solve an important problem specific to your target audience. Make sure your words offer value.


Then there’s the interest factor. If you write words of great value that are terribly boring, no one’s going to read your stuff. You’ve got to have verve. This means you have to discover your own unique online voice. Success in online MLM marketing is all about standing out as an individual. You can be funny, serious, adventurous, foul-mouthed, business-like, or quirky. Whatever style you choose, you need to be highly individualized so your words really pop. Your words need to convey zest and verve.


Last but not least, there’s no substitute for volume. Much as I hate to tell you this, the online world is a vast ocean and when you get started, you’re just a tiny drop in that giant sea. To achieve enough online prominence so that people actually know you exist, you have write a huge volume of words. Especially in the beginning, write, write, and then write some more. Write an MLM blog post a day if you have to. Submit every single good one to a top article directory. Link to your posts from social media sites like Digg and Delicious. Write thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.

In offline MLM marketing we used to talk about “papering the town,” which meant getting the word out about our businesses and products through classified ads, flyers, brochures, posters, and trade shows. The online world is much the same, just bigger. Write at least 100 blog posts before you take a breather. Post 10 comments per week to other blogs. You get the picture? You need a huge volume of words to launch your online MLM marketing efforts.

Pictures Are Important, Too

Are pictures worth 1,000 words? Sometimes. In online MLM marketing, though, I believe a picture should go with every 500 words or so. Writing words with value, verve, and volume is important. At the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm people with too many words. Use pictures to convey an immediate sense of what your words will be about. Pictures are great for breaking up long chunks of text, as well as for their entertainment value. Don’t forget to include a picture of yourself. Without personal pictures, you become a faceless name in a sea of words.

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