Top 10 Homemade Christmas Present Ideas That Save You Money, Time and Effort

The season of extra giving is here. For all of us who love to give, this is the time to be jolly. For all of us who prefer to give meaningful presents rather than material stuff, this is the place to be. We are about to reveal fantastic, and original homemade Christmas present ideas that fit everyone.

This time we are not going to tell you about the usual homemade Christmas gift ideas, because we have something better for you – we have the unusual, somewhat unique presents that are sure to save you money, time and effort. Moreover, to bring great benefits to those you give presents to.

When it comes to choosing presents for others, it is often a tough call. One man’s treasure is another’s junk. It is often the case of going for the usual consumer’s solutions. This year we would like to introduce you to the alternatives, avoiding the long lines at packed shopping malls.

What usually happens in case with all the dear ones living far away, we just send them a card or give them a call. Wouldn’t you want to give them something more this year? Something that is worth much, but costs nothing? Thanks to the internet, there is a way for us to give them special digital presents, all delivered under virtual Christmas tree (read: Inbox). Do you have a cousin in another town, a friend in another country, a colleague on another continent? Why not surprise them with a wrapped up digital present? After all, we humans moved on, the old traditional presents don’t do the trick any more.

Here are top 10 homemade Christmas present ideas, listed in no particular order:


  • unforgettable experience – a trip to an unusual spot, a day at voluntary organization (to discover how giving feels way better than receiving), a visit to a local meditation center…
  • a self-made coupon or a certificate for a special service from you – a massage, or haircut, or whatever you’re good at (refurbishing, organizing closets, mowing lawn, fixing up…), art course or any other interesting, unusual course that you yourself could teach them
  • nicely decorated CD-ROM featuring a list of fantastic resources for the topics of recipients’ top interests – surf the net and find all the great sites that offer something they like, then compile all the links with descriptions. On YouTube, for example, you can find great talks, instructions, nature scenes, cooking programs… On other video providers, you can even get free streamings of films.
  • compile and burn an audio CD with all the music the recipients would love to have
  • digital products – many sites offer free e-books, e-courses, software or audio tracks in exchange for your e-mail address. A small price to pay for what you get. You might have even collected many of such products throughout the year. Now you can give them away as presents.
  • a piece of art – paint or carve something special, write a poem or a compelling story, record a set of songs written and performed by you
  • a piece of handicraft – bake them something special, knit or saw a thing…
  • something romantic or sentimental – make a scrap book of memories you shared with the recipients, shoot a video of you dancing for your special someone, or doing that thing he or she loves.
  • take a look around, find something you don’t need or want , and either give it away as it is, or even better, make it look nicer adding a personal touch
  • the best thing is saved for the last – multimedia aid kits , for which you don’t need to do anything at all, because it’s all done for you, including the wrapping. You find it at Talidari’s.


Every person needs something. Some of us need more love, some more money, others need remedies or reliefs. Whatever it is that those closest to your heart need this time, you can give them now with a help of innovative art solutions wrapped up as multimedia aid kits.

There are many ways one can give love and appreciation, but what better way than showing that you care about someone’s needs & wants by giving them the perfect tools to get exactly that what they really need and want – the tools that are free, fun and green-tech!

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