Why Network Marketing Business?

Network Marketing helps to create value for society, solves the economic problem going around the world and at the same time you can make money in Network Marketing.

You must be wondering how much money you can earn in Network Marketing, and perhaps you can earn more money through other channels such as job, investment or business.

Short answer is yes you can earn money through other sources but fundamental difference is in network marketing business not only you can make money but create time for yourself and set yourself up with residual income or also known as passive income.

Current state of worlds economy:

Before we even consider the option of Network Marketing lets explore the current world economy and the job market in post great recession era, which is technically over for more than past two years.

Based on research done by various corporation in United States and Canada there are approx. 8% job less youth, and few of them are barely surviving on social assistance granted to them. Then there has been an article in Globe and Mail that job market in Canada has stalled. And in another news it has been identified that pilots of one of the international airlines has been asked to take unpaid leave. So market is not rosy and by 2020 these numbers are expected to increase.

First of all we all need to understand that there are very few jobs which are for life that can assist someone to retire comfortably. Jobs in Private sector is not helping to raise the living standards because wages has been stagnant for almost last two decades.

Fundamental goal of the corporations are to maximise the profit rather than focus on building community. There use to be a time where corporations use to claim their employees are their biggest asset, in current era they feel employees are their expense and why to invest in employees when they can get the stuff cheaper from somewhere else. Corporations and their front line executives are only interested in their exit package rather than thinking outside the box how to get the best out of the people.

Not so quality Jobs: Prior to the 1980 the wages and production kept increasing by 2 to 3% and post 1980 wages has been stalled despite increase in production.

Employment Benefits: Corporations are shying away to pay health benefits or support the pension benefits.

Job satisfaction is another concern. for past two years job satisfaction is on very low end.

Moving Jobs to another country where labor is cheap does have a significant impact on other small businesses not only workers losing jobs but small business have to go bankrupt/or windup their operations too.

Now lets evaluate Network Marketing

When you build your business right let say devote about two years to generate an income which can assist you to provide more than food and shelter will you agree that you wont have to work for 40-50 years for someone else and note no one will evaluate your performance in network marketing business like it is  expression done in the corporations. And for sure you will be not in those who all are looking at the countries financial policy and keeping an close eyes for the improvement of job market.

During the process of building the business you are technically building a community and everyone in that community can become self reliant it means that even they will be financially well off through this business because of you, This indeed supports the growth of our community, improves the economy of the country. Inner satisfaction is the utmost when you help someone else to succeed.

In Network Marketing you work to make money with choice of helping others to make money in short you are technically building an enduring organization.

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