Computer Scientist Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career in Computer Science?

Computer scientists are responsible for using their technical expertise in order to use technology to solve a wide variety of complex problems. Computer science research can stretch from hardware design to solving complex theory, and it is common for a scientist to work on designing robots or finding uses for virtual reality. These professionals will usually work on design teams that can include electrical engineers.

A number of computer scientists are employed by academic institutions focusing on theory as opposed to practical application, and data administrators will have the responsibility of using database management software in order to organize data. Database administrators will frequently update computer databases and transfer information from one medium to another.

Network systems analysts they also be called network architects and they will configure local area network systems and the Internet for both commercial businesses and residential clients. Systems can be arranged in a variety of ways using hubs and routers, in addition to wireless adapters and other cables.

Telecommunications specialists will focus on voice communication systems and oversee the installation of operating systems and software programs. Webmasters will have the responsibility of handling a web site, and web designers are responsible for creating sites and designing them.

Computer scientists will typically work 40 hours a week, and they may have to work evenings and weekends in order to solve the technical problem. The work itself is fairly low stress, although there is the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome from typing over extended periods of time.

Employment will usually require at least a bachelor’s degree in order to obtain a position as a network or a database administrator, although some positions may accept an associates degree.

In 2006, computer scientists and other specialists had almost 550,000 jobs in America, with about a 10th of those individuals being self-employed. The job prospects overall for these persons will be excellent with the field growing over 37% in the next 10 years.




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