Tips to Find Original Designer Bags

Designer bags are a treasured fashion accessory for a woman and make the best possible gifts. Brides and bridesmaids can now be presented with new designer bags that have the option of personalization. These can be personalized by printing unique logo on them that can bear the bride’s name. Naturally, this personalized gift will be preserved by a woman throughout her life. You can find plenty of designer bags with wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. Products of a branded company will always look  Replica Designer Shoes attractive and will be of high quality. However, there are several fakes in the market that look similar to the branded products. Hence, you need to be very cautious while shopping and must check certain issues while buying a bag.

* You should avoid buying such items from flea markets where fake items are commonly found. You should shop from authorized sellers. In case you are shopping from any other store or boutique, make sure that it is a reputable store.

* The hardware can tell you a lot about its originality. The clutches and buckles of a branded item are of nickel or brass while the fake ones will have plastic buckles.

* You should look at the zipper, as a branded product will always have quality zippers. You can easily identify a fake item as poor quality zippers are hard to open.

* Checking the stitches of the inner lining of a bag can help you to identify fake ones easily. The inner lining in a fake one has poor stitching and thus has protruding strings and threads at the stitched area. Moreover, the material of the lining is also cheap and flimsy in case of a fake bag.

You will find several authorized designer bag merchants on the web. CosmicBags is one such online store that offers branded products at affordable rates. Visit their official website to see the range of branded products they have. You can also find client testimonial of this online store that will give you honest feedback of their products. You can find designer bags in different materials such as leathers, jeans, velvet etc. You can also find men’s wallets and other accessories at this online store. One of the unique features of this store is the option of checking the handbags used by celebrities. You can check those items and can buy a similar one from this store.


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